Bringing the Best Out of the Worst People


In any leadership scenario, you are sure to come across the term motivation. Today’s corporate leaders are quite aware how the right kind of motivation can serve their purpose in a better way. Quite frankly, motivation has become the buzzword in everything that we do. Whether it is a leader trying to extract the best productivity from his or her team, or it is a teacher trying to induce students to give in their optimal performance, it is all about motivation.

In this eBook, our endeavor is to tell you the best way in which you can make people work. If you are at the helm of affairs, you wil
understand how difficult it is to make people work, whether you want them to work collectively or individually. In any case, the method that is employed—and the one that you need to hone to perfection—is about motivating people.

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Family Finances


A good and fully comprehensive family finance planning exercise should ideally include items such as dreams, goals, resources and responsibilities of the entire family unit. This is to ensure all possible bases are cover for the long term
planning, thus creating a better overview of the future direction the family should take. This is also a good way to design the path and work toward the goals set as a family unit.

The positive element often enjoyed by this form of planning would include all parties working together and gaining good and practical experiences along the way.

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Health and Fitness 101

In this EBook, I will guide you for some healthy living style and will tell you that how can you improve your physical fitness and get rid of different health problems which keep bothering you. This will be a very smooth ride and you will enjoy reading every word of
this EBook. I am going to tell you very basic stuff which you must have heard but you never gave attention to these things.

You need to pay close attention, in order to improve your fitness level. You may have read different books, in order to get rid of some health problem but with this EBook you are guaranteed to find solution of almost every health problem.

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Entrepreneur Essentials

Entrepreneur-Essentials ebooks philippines

Beginning a business as an entrepreneur online is simply like beginning a tangible business, except that you’ll have to accomplish
all your transactions online and you’re able to reach a global market and this can be a benefit. However, the same troubles may likewise be experienced when beginning an online business although you don’t have to fret about renting out buildings or renting kiosks.

All the same, one matter is the same for all different types of businesses so that they may become successful – the correct
mentality. When you do your initial startup with the correct approach then you’ll be able to gain ground in the race.

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The Art of Positive Thinking


We talk a great deal about self-worth without utilizing it really. Seldom do we make a real judgment of ourselves and consider ourselves as we really are. If we were to get more hard-nosed about ourselves, our lives would absolutely become much more fruitful and productive. Self-belief and realizing of self-worth is the basic step towards acquiring positive thinking with anything. Positive thinking doesn’t arrive without getting confident about yourself initially.

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Stress Less

Stress-Less cover ebooks philippines

Stress is what we feel when we’re overworked, when we’re dreading something that’s about to happen or when we’re generally unable to relax and stay calm due to outside or inside factors influencing our
thoughts. But it actually goes beyond this.

Stress is a basic physiological reaction that is designed to help us focus and survive. In itself it is not a bad thing and is actually rather adaptive. The problem is that it has been taken out of context, which means the positive effects become outweighed by the negative.

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Start Your Morning With a Smile

Start Your Morning With a Smile cover ebooks philippines

Sometimes we make dramatic plans that are expected to bring happiness into our lives, whether it be a vacation, graduation or wedding. But the simple pleasures in life are what we can count on to give us continuous joy. When we appreciate and enjoy the simple things, the gratitude we feel will extend to other areas as well. Here are some of the simple pleasures that are worth making an effort to experience often.

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Self Confidence Unleashed

Self Confidence Unleashed Ebook Cover

Everyone desires to be confident, yet very few have been able to develop it in all facets of their life. A lack of self-confidence can ultimately become the most significant hindrance to finding happiness, success, and fulfillment.

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Love and Relationships

Loving actions for yourself are those actions that attend to your own needs. When you take loving action in your own behalf, you are letting yourself know that you matter, you are important, you count. When you fail to take loving action, you give yourself the message that you are not important, which leads to feelings of depression and inadequacy.

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101 Self Help Tips

Setting goals and achieving them is something everyone can do to improve their lives. While we all have goals that we want to achieve, doing so, however, can be difficult. Nearly everyone struggles to convert their goals into reality. We procrastinate and lose motivation, and ultimately falter in the execution of our plans, leading us to become frustrated and defeated.

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